Wednesday, August 01, 2012

pink matter

Revision is kicking my ass, and this song is helping me through the rough spots. It's an elixir of a few of my favorite things: Andre 3000 and Frank Ocean (artistic Southern boys), haunting melodies, allusions to space, sex, and an esoteric, violent sensei who must be Pai Mei. Enjoy.


Unknown said...

Hi Jesmyn,

My name is Travis Mills. I'm a filmmaker from Arizona. A lawyer friend named Jonathan Hilbun told me about you and your work because I am currently planning a documentary on the Mississippi Gulf coast to be shot in late October/early November. I have already made a short travel film about Mississippi (thought most of my work is set here in AZ). You can watch it here:

This will be a no-budget effort made with the desire to show both the uniqueness of the MS coast as well as some of its more tragic sides.

First, I was wondering if there is anything particular you believe I should cover or show. Second, I am wondering if you would be willing to appear in the video. I would travel to you of course.

-Travis Mills

Unknown said...

Additionally, here is my contact info:

Benj D said...

Ms J. - No clue you'd already nodded to Frank when I asked...- after you're done your revision - or on break? - hope you post something more on Ocean....- my own fave is that Pyramid one w/ more of Andre's (?) guitar...Two Dope Boys and a...Best, Benj D.

Beth said...

I am reading Salvage the Bones from a safe spot in a Longleaf pine preserve near Pensacola, watching weather reports, and hoping Isaac dies quietly out in the Gulf before making landfall anywhere along our shared coastline. Oh, what fine, electric writing.

Tiara said...

You won the National Book Award. I am not sure if you have thought about that recently but I thought I'd remind you. I am picking up Salvage the Bones today after having the snippet of an article about you in the NY Times on my desk for over a year. My mother sent me the article in the mail (the actual mail). She is still of the generation that doesn't quite understand that these things are also available on line. I am an attorney, mom of two (2 and 5). I work in a cubicle. I am writing my first novel. You inspire me every, single, day. I am so glad I found your blog. I

Anonymous said...

Hi jesmyn,

Our book club of 25 years just finished your book Salvage th Bones. We are currently discussing it and thoroughly amazed by your writing. We wish you were here to share your insights. Keep writing and come visit us!

Kristine Schroeder

naysue said...

How does one go about contacting you?

Laine Jacob said...

Good Morning Jesmyn,
Here goes for writing a 'book report' for my reading group in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on 'Salvage the Bones'. There is so much to say about the book but for myself, I have one small and one major quetion. The small question: Esch in Luxembourgish means ash tree. I doubt there are many Luxembourgers in DeLisle but is the name Esch short for something else? This is straight curiosity.
And the second question I have the feeling is without an answer but... the title. "Discuss the title," is always listed as a group topic. But, sometimes there is just a real answer to 'where does the title come from'? Is there a direct answer or should I just lean back and go with 'discuss'?
Thank you for creating the Bois Sauvage.
Hope you have time to answer.
Take Care,
Laine Jacob
T. 00352/420427

CathStuart said...

LOVED Salavage The Bones. I just found out you have a memoir coming out, thanks to Edwidge Danticat's interview in The New York Times Book Review. Can't wait to read it.

And I loved your reference to Pai Mei, lol.

Keep up the amazing work!!!

Larry F. said...

Heard your interview on NPR. Very impressed. Keep going 'cause you're going places. A fan. Larry

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesmyn,

I just saw your "The read Around" video on NYT and am super excited about your memoir. In the video you mentioned that the hardest part is getting started but then once you do that it flows. I struggle as a writer with the same thing and was wondering if you had any advice for "getting started"?


Anonymous said...

Hi , i'm reading "bois sauvage"
in french and i like it a lot .
Men / Women relationships ,
motherhood trough the caracter of China . all the caracter exist we can feel them . So thank you and sorry for my poor english !

gloria monaghan said...

I am the chair of Summer Reading, and our school would love to have you as a guest speaker. Could you email me back?

Love Frank Ocean, I just wrote a paper about him and Weekend and the changing face of hip hop culture with regard to masculinity. Hope t
to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesmyn, thank you for putting Pass Christian and Delisle on the map. You and Robin Roberts make all of us proud. I knew your folks as a youngster as I grew up with them. Hurricane Camille separated us, I moved to the Chicago area after the storm. Best of luck with your next book.

Larry H.